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I Am Me

This is my story, I am a man of many faces. You may not like one of me, but it’s not all of me. I am not the fighter many expect me to be. No am l the lover most would think l am. I have my own confidence yet l find myself lacking the self esteem needed to complete my goals.

Yet like l said l am a man of many faces. When l tie the lace of my white Reebok sneakers, my aura changes into a new man. When l slip into my jeans and black leather jacket, an urge to dance away my low self esteem graces my body. When l think of the new business idea l had a week ago, a new found drive to complete it fills me up.

So when l say l am a man of many faces, what l mean is, I grow. Just like my face changes as the years go by. No matter how many bottles of lotions l go through. Time never stops it’s motions. So with it l change. As it does, l live traces.

To those who follow. Or stay in a different lane with same chapter of me. I am a man of many faces. I am not younger as the past me. No was l mature as this future. My soul is and always will be wise. It’s all l have. And it’s what l give as l write this.

This is my story, whether you like or not, whether you care or not, it’s my story. I will describe it and not those who think they know me. I know the lows l go through everyday. Do you ?


Published by Alex Matarirano

a poet who seeks to share his poems to the world and empath who wants to discover his spirituality

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