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You And Me

See, love is fleeting. Never meeting at one stop. Always on the move, for the next one. Who dares fall for it. How can they resist it’s calls. How can your blood stop flowing towards the heart with heated passion.

See, love is freeing. Your emotions never stop rising. You may be falling deeper but the clouds are always in your reach. Like the froth on that beer. Bitter, yet you fall drunk and fall for it’s voice like the music of mermaids.

See love is like a pirate. It loots your deepest treasure. Leaves you hanged and dry when it’s done with you. When did you ever see it coming ? The oceans ? The waves ? The cold rains ? Drowning as you fall for its lies again. That’s love, deadly when you don’t see the face behind it. Hanged with the lace that covers it’s body. Dying with fragrance of maidens that slept with you.

See love is like you and me. We never met before but here you are listening to my words like the gospel. Never meant to hold us hostage. That’s love yet we fall for these words day in, day out. Never forgeting to say the three magic words. I love you. That electrifying feeling when we touch with the tips of our fingers. That’s love. You and me.


Published by Alex Matarirano

a poet who seeks to share his poems to the world and empath who wants to discover his spirituality

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