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Alem Poetry is poetry blog that is created to share my poetry. My poetry is something l use to express my thoughts and feelings on certain topics and situations. Like love, spirituality and ongoing issues such as abuse and poverty.

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  • She knows

  • I’ll always love you

    Even though you’re gone

    I think of you now more than ever

    I love you now more than


    I know you’re happy somewhere else

    With someone else on your mind and in your heart

    You’ve parted ways with me

    Maybe one day I’ll have you in my arms again

    For you’ll always be the Queen that once ruled my heart

    The one who l wanted to marry and live with for life

    The one l wanted to endure the hardship and joys of lifes gifts

    One of them being you

    Be happy where ever you are

    And know that I’m happy for you

    I’m happy loving you

    I’m happy.

  • -Spiritual Matrino
  • Spiritual Matrino
  • Spiritual Matrino
  • Spiritual Matrino~ Poetry Quote
  • Do you dare ?
  • Spiritual Matrino
  • -Spiritual Matrino
  • -Spiritual Matrino
  • Symphony~Inspired by the song love me at my worst by PinkSweats

    A symphony, a lovers paradise
    A sweet saying a sweet nothing
    Told to you with loving intentions
    Simply my lovers wish is for me to grant
    Can l ? Can l be your lover
    Slower and lower
    Deeper and Profound
    I’m sure you know
    How my heart listens to you

    Like a song
    With my heart-beat
    In the background
    And your voice in my head
    Creating a beautiful symphony
    It’s a possibility
    No a certainty
    That lm in love with you

    Love me at my worst 
    No I’m not perfect
    Just reflect my worth
    I’ll always put you first
    So don’t you worry
    Oh baby
    Just trust me
    It’s not lust
    It’s not your bust
    It is a factor

    Let me tell you about it later
    For now I’ll seduce your soul
    Love your worst flaws
    Treasure your few rare perfections
    Pleasure you with these words
    So hear my symphony
    Now and forever

  • Positive Vibes

    I speak positive vibes
    I keep myself alive
    I tell myself only speak love
    Won’t you vibe with me
    Won’t you sit with me
    Watch the sun-set
    Watch the sun-rise

    Connect with me
    Tap into my network
    Leap into my faith
    Set me on fire with your passion
    You belong right here with me
    No fear will make me shy away
    Won’t lie my way out
    Bind me to your soul

    Mix with me
    Create a new
    Create a few
    Memories with me
    Feel me baby
    Lady say you mine
    Climb the Peak
    Set the tone
    You know my body
    Feels getting thrown
    Say say say
    You know me
    You get me
    Let me make to love your body
    You soul and your mind
    Getting the grind on
    Remind me of you
    When l work to get the perk
    Of having you in my life

  • Chapter Closed

    I heard you met some guy

    I heard you went on date

    I heard you both work at the same place

    I’m happy that you moved on

    I’m happy that now l don’t feel sad

    I’m happy that l don’t feel bad

    For not giving a fuck

    I wish whoever he is luck

    And may you be merry

    I close this chapter in my life

  • You become a master
  • Godly

    God where have you been

    In my time of need

    When l have seen all those sins

    Have you been aloof, sitting on your throne

    The religion fanatics will come and do the judging

    While l blindly trudge on this path of heavenly retribution

    Isnt this why you banished from me the garden of Eden father ?

    I’ve reached further than l ever will

    And so my God l take pills just to feel closer to you

    I lose all sense of reality just to feel your presence

    And they call me a sinner

    Yet forget they’re all killers

    Just a bunch of dealers holding signed contracts

    Souls trapped in every type of industry
    It’s a damn shame that you won’t reveal it

    Until the end times

    Won’t it be too late though ?

    How many should die

    While you watch on your throne

    Oh almighty jealous God

    Fold your arms and say Amen

    Kneel before him for your sins are too much to bear

  • Response To Sweet Melody
  • Untitled
  • Falling For Her

    Shes got flaws
    She’s trying to fix them
    She’s sweet as the milk l like in my coffee
    She’s fine as the silk worn by ancient queens
    She has a soul so evergreen
    Yet she’s filled with pain and heartbreak
    I’m afraid I’ll fall for her
    I haven’t healed from my last
    Yet it’s my past
    And her texts are like therapy
    Her concern like remedies
    Her care like love to fill up the cracks
    What does she lack ?
    Only a sincere carefree smile
    What else ?
    Her confidence
    You my sweet muse
    Don’t need to use your body to keep him
    You my sweet muse
    Are enough for me
    You my sweet
    Your body is but a vessel
    You my sweet muse
    Have the soul that’s more beautiful
    You my sweet muse
    Carry something way more attractive
    You my sweet muse
    Should not feel pain
    Oh sweet muse
    You haven’t lost anything
    He has, he has lost a lot of everything by letting you go

  • Sweet Melody

    Like marmalade it tastes sweet
    To my ears that listen to your bell like voice
    Your merry laughter fills my life after
    Tell me do you love me ?
    Of course you do
    Your eyes say you do
    Will you lay with me
    And spend the day in my arms
    With my hands caressing you
    Painting us a beautiful couple
    That even cupid blesses
    Oh my sweet lover
    Should l marry you
    Pray tell would you grow old with me
    If so I’ll never let you go

  • Walk away from people Who don’t value you or your time
  • Wife

    Wife is out
    Life is in
    Will you knife it
    Or will dive in it
    Say why all this strife
    Take it all in a stride
    Thought we were ride or die
    Now you lie and say goodbye
    My my my
    A fool is what l am
    Aren’t you lame my friend
    Tried to tame it my friend
    Bit me and stripped me bare
    I can still feel it’s glare
    Grow a pair
    And toss me in the air
    It’s not fair
    I know but she’s not there
    She gone and you are alone
    Eloped with her lover
    I heard he’s the governer
    Aren’t you just a farmer
    So sad so sad
    Aren’t you just as bad
    Lad lm the man
    Ted you’re just a dad
    And you must be dead
    Now lm mad !
    No you’re crazy

  • He’s Strong

    Waking up daily

    Carrying the man up card faithfully

    Society not forgetful

    Reminds him of his shame

    Being a man in this modern world

    Toiling away for his future

    Yet told he never faces challenges

    Society calls him trash daily

    He stays silent because his man up card

    Faithfully reminds him

    That he has no emotions

    Emotion to him is weakness

    He’s ego is bruised though

    Doors are closed in his path

    Where to turn

    Where to go

    His lover busy away “not needing a man”

    Devalued he feels

    Emotion he does not

    My brother

    You are strong

    Show your emotions

    Feel away and heal


    Truly men find it hard to show emotions, l know this because l grew up being told a man should not cry. A man should not be sad or depressed. He is always supposed to be strong. That’s a daunting challenge, considering the attacks against men as a collective. The suicide rates keeping getting higher. Men are strong but they are also human. I’m A Man And I Feel.

  • Thorny Flower

    Flawed but beautiful,

    A thorny flower that endures the most pain,

    Pluck by society till her petals are no more,

    Her lover left her bare and she still has so much love,

    Never stops crying for his name,

    Oh sweet flawed beautiful flower,

    Prick me not when l caress your scars,

    Shine like the stars with every healed crack,

    Fine and sweet is you in every possible way,

    Can you not see your own soulful beauty,

    Not the beauty that eyes see,

    That spiritual beauty,

    That only Queens know,

    Do you know it ?,

    O sweet thorny flower,

    Of course you do,

    Smile for me,

    And let me fall for the shine of your aura

  • War Is Not Ever The Right Answer

    I’ve heard stories

    I’ve read history

    I’ve seen the news

    I know the ins and outs

    I know the twists and turns

    I never understood the concept

    War was never the answer

    Not for any country nor any continent

    I’ve seen children mutilated

    I’ve seen sisters raped

    Through histories words

    I walked into timelines of anger

    Timelines of wanton slaughter

    Crossed borders and oceans

    Watched them bomb away countless innocent lives

    War is never asked by the people

    War sowed hatred and division

    I can’t help but be sad

    Lads drafted into the army

    Women watch their man go

    Never to see them come back

    Widows weep alone in the night

    War is never the answer

    It never was

    It never will be

  • Untitled
  • Cold Touch

    Can’t simply forget,

    The touch of your soul,

    So warm it was at first,

    So fiery and passionate it oh so was !,

    Why am l feeling cold now baby ?,

    The cold touch of your memory makes me shudder,

    Why do l feel a chill everytime l think of you ?,

    Why ! ?,

    Do you keep hitting me with sad spells,

    Why ! ?,

    When you walked out my life,

    Why ! ?,

    Do l still love you,

    Why ! ?,

    Do l worry for you,

    When you do not deserve it,

    Why ! ?,

    Empathy aside,

    Do l still feel your sadness..

  • She’s strong

    For others but not herself,

    Always seems to know what to say,

    Yet silent about her own scars,

    Smiling for others but not herself,

    She can only silently cry when she’s alone,

    I can’t help but want to hold her,

    Tell her she’s not alone,

    The pain she feels l know it too,

    Crushing and suffocating it is,

    So let me be your solace,

    I’m no lover,

    I’m no boyfriend,

    I’m just a guy who wants to heal,

    Why can’t it be with you ?,

    Our conversation is therapy for me,

    You still manage to forget your pain,

    When you notice another,

    So let me forget mine

  • Untitled
  • Beauty


    The kind that’s evergreen


    The kind that ignites a fire in my soul


    The kind that only my eyes see


    The kind that rules my heart


    The kind that connects with my soul

    Have you felt it ?

    Have you seen it ?

  • Unknown
  • Colour
  • Touched Flower

    Sweet flower of earth,

    Mother nature cradles you,

    The wind caresses you,

    The sun grows you,

    Time has not touched you,

    For your soul is evergreen,

    Oh your beauty must be a sin,

    Hell is heaven when you’re inside it,

    Touched Flower of the earth,

    Mortal names are not fit for such,

    Words are not fit to describe it,

    I just want you to know,

    You’re worth it,

    Every bit of you,

    Pain is not all you should feel,

    Love and happiness you should feel,

    Beautiful Touched Flower,

    Earthen Goddess,

    An Empath,

    Know your worth,

  • love oh love

    So formless its an illusion,

    So blind its foolish,

    Cold one minute,

    Hot a second later,

    Pain and pleasure it brings,

    hearts and souls it links,

    Chemistry is so strong it explodes,

    Oh love,

    Do you know it ?,

    Oh love,

    Do you ever feel it ?

    Oh love,

    Have you ever fallen in it ?

    Oh love,

    That illusion,

    Oh love,

    That foolish,

    Oh love

  • Silent

    Yet nobody notices

    The darkness creeping out on me

    The light that’s not there

    The flame that’s been gone

    The raging silent pain

    I lay alone on these thorns

    Now l’m all bruised

    Now l’m all scarred

    Do you see my pain

    No do you feel it

    No can you experience it

    I guess not

    I forget not

    I pass on

    The life out of me sucked

    Loving and giving

    Living and dying

    By your poisonous self

    Let me know when lm wake again

  • Mental demons

    My mental state is unstable,

    I can’t think straight,

    All this stress,

    Got me asking questions like the press,

    I wish l knew more and not less,

    I don’t feel blessed,

    I know l need to pray,

    For these demons won’t leave me alone,

    All these social ain’t good for me,

    Yet l can’t help it,

    The world keeps spreading hate,

    And l just feel resentment,

    For my skin also draws the same attention,

    I just unconsciously accept it because l was conditioned to not care,

    Just let them stare,

    Let them feel your hair,

    Let them strip you bare with their roving amused eyes,

    My mental state is unstable,

    Let the voices die so,

    I realise my best,

  • Spiritual love

    Love is spiritual,

    It’s a different kind of feeling,

    Your soul and mine connected,

    No matter the distance,

    No matter the physical obstructions,

    You and me feel each other,

    Through walls and through obstacles,

    We feel, we love,

    That sadness you feel,

    Is also affecting me,

    That happiness you feel,

    Is also affecting me,

    Its as if our bodies are shells,

    It’s as if our souls are tied,

    This spiritual connection,

    Is only for you and l,

  • African Queen

    Black Is, by Oladimeji Odunsi

    The soil holds your roots,

    Quietly standing alone,

    This delicate beauty you have,

    Your voice like a melody,

    A kind aura swirls around you,

    Something pure and untainted,

    In that smile you have,

    An African Queen is what you are,

    So many there are,

    You are unique and simple,

    Free and nimble,

    Swift and lithe,

    Youthful is she not,

    Yet the world showed its dark side,

    Told her skin is too black,

    Bleach and bleach she did,

    Told her hair was not beautiful,

    Weave and weave it she did,

    Her mothers whisper drowned,

    By the loud voices in her head,

    Sweet child of the earth,

    You are beautiful,

    You skin was made so,

    Your hair grown so,

    Cherish it

  • Lost Generation

    The degraded morals,

    The excuses to turn right into wrong,

    religious politics for personal wealth and fame,

    The simplified God turned into complicated

    The love for marriage ? gone,

    The love for respecting your own ? gone,

    The good deeds gone untold,

    The bad deeds celebrated,

    Just like in the bible,

    The end is near for our generation,

    Not literally, but if we destroy ourselves is it not ?,

    The winners write history,

    The losers are always devil’s,

  • Heaven, Earth, Man

    When the demons come out,

    When the angels are busy judging,

    When the Gods are sitting watching,

    The humans are suffering,

    The children need guidance,

    The parents busy labouring the earth,

    Kings are falling and nations are losing,

    Queens waking up too late,

    All this clickbait,

    All this clout chasing,

    All these different and special,

    Why do you feel the need for approval,

    The attention seeking,

    The greed to influence for backing,

    Those tackling your cause are all clouded,

    To not see you all are the same,

    The classes,

    The statuses,

    The wealth,

    Your grave can’t swallow them,

    Your tombstone won’t remember them,

    Only your name,

    Your birth,

    And the day you died,

    So please wake up,

  • Soulmate Continued

    Even though l don’t know who you are

    I’m healing as l think of how l might meet you

    Your looks won’t be important

    I’m spiritual, lm an old soul

    I care more about how l connect with you

    How our conversation relates and flows

    As if nature intended for us to bond and root in our souls

    Growing in the embrace of our dates and moments

    Planning the ups and downs of our future

    Fighting with reason and maturity that befits and deserves our passionate love

    Sexually lm not touching another female

    I deserve better than that

    I deserve you

    I will have you

    And that day will come

    And I will know you are mine

  • Soulmate

    I’m moving on

    I’m letting go

    You were not the one

    Not my soulmate

    I don’t think you were even my love

    You drastically changed

    As if l was a fling

    It’s true good guys never win

    I’ll heal though

    I thank you for the lesson you’ve taught me

    I’ll not deprive my soulmate of the love she deserves because of you

    You don’t deserve such care or attention

    I’ll not be a slave to your memories

    I’ll not allow hatred to fill up my heart

    To my next love

    Know that lm not perfect

    I’m mostly a broken guy

    I’m sorry l didn’t wait for you

    I’m sorry because l might not be able glue all the pieces together without your help

    I know you deserve better than a trampled guy

    I’ll regain my self confidence by working on my future

    To support all the spoils you deserve

    To bring the kind union of husband and wife

    So for now you’ll have to wait till lm okay and ready to love again

    So wait for me


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