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Dreams by Matrino


You And Me

See, love is fleeting. Never meeting at one stop. Always on the move, for the next one. Who dares fall for it. How can they resist it’s calls. How can your blood stop flowing towards the heart with heated passion.

See, love is freeing. Your emotions never stop rising. You may be falling deeper but the clouds are always in your reach. Like the froth on that beer. Bitter, yet you fall drunk and fall for it’s voice like the music of mermaids.

See love is like a pirate. It loots your deepest treasure. Leaves you hanged and dry when it’s done with you. When did you ever see it coming ? The oceans ? The waves ? The cold rains ? Drowning as you fall for its lies again. That’s love, deadly when you don’t see the face behind it. Hanged with the lace that covers it’s body. Dying with fragrance of maidens that slept with you.

See love is like you and me. We never met before but here you are listening to my words like the gospel. Never meant to hold us hostage. That’s love yet we fall for these words day in, day out. Never forgeting to say the three magic words. I love you. That electrifying feeling when we touch with the tips of our fingers. That’s love. You and me.

I Am Me

This is my story, I am a man of many faces. You may not like one of me, but it’s not all of me. I am not the fighter many expect me to be. No am l the lover most would think l am. I have my own confidence yet l find myself lacking the self esteem needed to complete my goals.

Yet like l said l am a man of many faces. When l tie the lace of my white Reebok sneakers, my aura changes into a new man. When l slip into my jeans and black leather jacket, an urge to dance away my low self esteem graces my body. When l think of the new business idea l had a week ago, a new found drive to complete it fills me up.

So when l say l am a man of many faces, what l mean is, I grow. Just like my face changes as the years go by. No matter how many bottles of lotions l go through. Time never stops it’s motions. So with it l change. As it does, l live traces.

To those who follow. Or stay in a different lane with same chapter of me. I am a man of many faces. I am not younger as the past me. No was l mature as this future. My soul is and always will be wise. It’s all l have. And it’s what l give as l write this.

This is my story, whether you like or not, whether you care or not, it’s my story. I will describe it and not those who think they know me. I know the lows l go through everyday. Do you ?

A Memory

I remember the sweet taste of your lips

The beat of your heart when we hugged

The sunset we saw together on the beach

The experiences we had together

The memories and unforgettable moments

The warm breeze that caressed our naked backs

Basking in the moonlight on a summers night

The love you radiated made me fall deeper in your soul

I remember how you woke up right in my arms the next morning

How you smiled while you slept as l took your lips

How time stopped in that moment and you opened your eyes

How beautiful you were, sweet lover of mine…

A New Year

A new beginning

A different me is being born

Different clothes will be worn

Battles will be won and fear will be lost

Wounds will scab and all you’ll have is scars as battle trophies

You have survived now it’s time to live

You have given now it’s time to take

Instead of a lake you’re now an ocean

You’re not option

You’re one of the choices

Never take your worth for granted

Bad Habits

-Inspired by Ed Sheeran bad habits-

Everytime l see you

Everytime l wake up

I see you

I see you

Oh bad habits

Let me be your bad habit

Smoke me like those bad cigarettes

I’m healthy for your soul

Your soul

Drink me like the moonshine liquor

Illegal l know

I’m a bad habit I know

I’m guilty when you are with me

I love it like that

Oh l love it

I love you so drunkenly

I never forget you the next day

Like a bad hangover you stay with me

I love it like that

What’s so good

What’s so good

About you baby

You’re such a bad habit

Oh do l love it like that

Do l love it


So l woke up and thought of you

Like the sun you shined through my morning

Now you’re my every cup of coffee

As strong as the connection between us

And the taste so sweet l take a second cup

Filling me up with energy to deal with the world

Maybe heal the world and let it love me and you

Reveal all its beauty like your eyes that stare at me

And as my day ends

I thought of you and realised you were my world

A world so beautiful