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Alem Poetry

Poet, Writer And Blogger

Alex Matarirano

Poetry for me, is my way of expressing the feelings l tap into when l interact with the people around me.

Feelings are my inspiration for my work. This is something l only realised when l understood who l am.

I am an empath. I am also many things. One word does not describe who l am entirely. I do hope my poetry has a positive impact in your life.

  • Untitled
  • You And Me
    See, love is fleeting. Never meeting at one stop. Always on the move, for the next one. Who dares fall for it. How can they resist it’s calls. How can your blood stop flowing towards the heart with heated passion. See, love is freeing. Your emotions never stop rising. You may be falling deeper butContinue reading “You And Me”
  • I Am Me
    This is my story, I am a man of many faces. You may not like one of me, but it’s not all of me. I am not the fighter many expect me to be. No am l the lover most would think l am. I have my own confidence yet l find myself lacking theContinue reading “I Am Me”
  • A Memory
    I remember the sweet taste of your lips The beat of your heart when we hugged The sunset we saw together on the beach The experiences we had together The memories and unforgettable moments The warm breeze that caressed our naked backs Basking in the moonlight on a summers night The love you radiated madeContinue reading “A Memory”
  • A New Year
    A new beginning A different me is being born Different clothes will be worn Battles will be won and fear will be lost Wounds will scab and all you’ll have is scars as battle trophies You have survived now it’s time to live You have given now it’s time to take Instead of a lakeContinue reading “A New Year”