God where have you been

In my time of need

When l have seen all those sins

Have you been aloof, sitting on your throne

The religion fanatics will come and do the judging

While l blindly trudge on this path of heavenly retribution

Isnt this why you banished from me the garden of Eden father ?

I’ve reached further than l ever will

And so my God l take pills just to feel closer to you

I lose all sense of reality just to feel your presence

And they call me a sinner

Yet forget they’re all killers

Just a bunch of dealers holding signed contracts

Souls trapped in every type of industry
It’s a damn shame that you won’t reveal it

Until the end times

Won’t it be too late though ?

How many should die

While you watch on your throne

Oh almighty jealous God

Fold your arms and say Amen

Kneel before him for your sins are too much to bear

Falling For Her

Shes got flaws
She’s trying to fix them
She’s sweet as the milk l like in my coffee
She’s fine as the silk worn by ancient queens
She has a soul so evergreen
Yet she’s filled with pain and heartbreak
I’m afraid I’ll fall for her
I haven’t healed from my last
Yet it’s my past
And her texts are like therapy
Her concern like remedies
Her care like love to fill up the cracks
What does she lack ?
Only a sincere carefree smile
What else ?
Her confidence
You my sweet muse
Don’t need to use your body to keep him
You my sweet muse
Are enough for me
You my sweet
Your body is but a vessel
You my sweet muse
Have the soul that’s more beautiful
You my sweet muse
Carry something way more attractive
You my sweet muse
Should not feel pain
Oh sweet muse
You haven’t lost anything
He has, he has lost a lot of everything by letting you go

Sweet Melody

Like marmalade it tastes sweet
To my ears that listen to your bell like voice
Your merry laughter fills my life after
Tell me do you love me ?
Of course you do
Your eyes say you do
Will you lay with me
And spend the day in my arms
With my hands caressing you
Painting us a beautiful couple
That even cupid blesses
Oh my sweet lover
Should l marry you
Pray tell would you grow old with me
If so I’ll never let you go


Wife is out
Life is in
Will you knife it
Or will dive in it
Say why all this strife
Take it all in a stride
Thought we were ride or die
Now you lie and say goodbye
My my my
A fool is what l am
Aren’t you lame my friend
Tried to tame it my friend
Bit me and stripped me bare
I can still feel it’s glare
Grow a pair
And toss me in the air
It’s not fair
I know but she’s not there
She gone and you are alone
Eloped with her lover
I heard he’s the governer
Aren’t you just a farmer
So sad so sad
Aren’t you just as bad
Lad lm the man
Ted you’re just a dad
And you must be dead
Now lm mad !
No you’re crazy

He’s Strong

Waking up daily

Carrying the man up card faithfully

Society not forgetful

Reminds him of his shame

Being a man in this modern world

Toiling away for his future

Yet told he never faces challenges

Society calls him trash daily

He stays silent because his man up card

Faithfully reminds him

That he has no emotions

Emotion to him is weakness

He’s ego is bruised though

Doors are closed in his path

Where to turn

Where to go

His lover busy away “not needing a man”

Devalued he feels

Emotion he does not

My brother

You are strong

Show your emotions

Feel away and heal


Truly men find it hard to show emotions, l know this because l grew up being told a man should not cry. A man should not be sad or depressed. He is always supposed to be strong. That’s a daunting challenge, considering the attacks against men as a collective. The suicide rates keeping getting higher. Men are strong but they are also human. I’m A Man And I Feel.

Thorny Flower

Flawed but beautiful,

A thorny flower that endures the most pain,

Pluck by society till her petals are no more,

Her lover left her bare and she still has so much love,

Never stops crying for his name,

Oh sweet flawed beautiful flower,

Prick me not when l caress your scars,

Shine like the stars with every healed crack,

Fine and sweet is you in every possible way,

Can you not see your own soulful beauty,

Not the beauty that eyes see,

That spiritual beauty,

That only Queens know,

Do you know it ?,

O sweet thorny flower,

Of course you do,

Smile for me,

And let me fall for the shine of your aura

War Is Not Ever The Right Answer

I’ve heard stories

I’ve read history

I’ve seen the news

I know the ins and outs

I know the twists and turns

I never understood the concept

War was never the answer

Not for any country nor any continent

I’ve seen children mutilated

I’ve seen sisters raped

Through histories words

I walked into timelines of anger

Timelines of wanton slaughter

Crossed borders and oceans

Watched them bomb away countless innocent lives

War is never asked by the people

War sowed hatred and division

I can’t help but be sad

Lads drafted into the army

Women watch their man go

Never to see them come back

Widows weep alone in the night

War is never the answer

It never was

It never will be


these are just my feelings written in words.

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