Falling For Her

Shes got flaws She’s trying to fix themShe’s sweet as the milk l like in my coffeeShe’s fine as the silk worn by ancient queensShe has a soul so evergreen Yet she’s filled with pain and heartbreak I’m afraid I’ll fall for her I haven’t healed from my last Yet it’s my past And herContinue reading “Falling For Her”

He’s Strong

Waking up daily Carrying the man up card faithfully Society not forgetful Reminds him of his shame Being a man in this modern world Toiling away for his future Yet told he never faces challenges Society calls him trash daily He stays silent because his man up card Faithfully reminds him That he has noContinue reading “He’s Strong”

Thorny Flower

Flawed but beautiful, A thorny flower that endures the most pain, Pluck by society till her petals are no more, Her lover left her bare and she still has so much love, Never stops crying for his name, Oh sweet flawed beautiful flower, Prick me not when l caress your scars, Shine like the starsContinue reading “Thorny Flower”

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