Thorny Flower

Flawed but beautiful,

A thorny flower that endures the most pain,

Pluck by society till her petals are no more,

Her lover left her bare and she still has so much love,

Never stops crying for his name,

Oh sweet flawed beautiful flower,

Prick me not when l caress your scars,

Shine like the stars with every healed crack,

Fine and sweet is you in every possible way,

Can you not see your own soulful beauty,

Not the beauty that eyes see,

That spiritual beauty,

That only Queens know,

Do you know it ?,

O sweet thorny flower,

Of course you do,

Smile for me,

And let me fall for the shine of your aura

War Is Not Ever The Right Answer

I’ve heard stories

I’ve read history

I’ve seen the news

I know the ins and outs

I know the twists and turns

I never understood the concept

War was never the answer

Not for any country nor any continent

I’ve seen children mutilated

I’ve seen sisters raped

Through histories words

I walked into timelines of anger

Timelines of wanton slaughter

Crossed borders and oceans

Watched them bomb away countless innocent lives

War is never asked by the people

War sowed hatred and division

I can’t help but be sad

Lads drafted into the army

Women watch their man go

Never to see them come back

Widows weep alone in the night

War is never the answer

It never was

It never will be

Cold Touch

Can’t simply forget,

The touch of your soul,

So warm it was at first,

So fiery and passionate it oh so was !,

Why am l feeling cold now baby ?,

The cold touch of your memory makes me shudder,

Why do l feel a chill everytime l think of you ?,

Why ! ?,

Do you keep hitting me with sad spells,

Why ! ?,

When you walked out my life,

Why ! ?,

Do l still love you,

Why ! ?,

Do l worry for you,

When you do not deserve it,

Why ! ?,

Empathy aside,

Do l still feel your sadness..

She’s strong

For others but not herself,

Always seems to know what to say,

Yet silent about her own scars,

Smiling for others but not herself,

She can only silently cry when she’s alone,

I can’t help but want to hold her,

Tell her she’s not alone,

The pain she feels l know it too,

Crushing and suffocating it is,

So let me be your solace,

I’m no lover,

I’m no boyfriend,

I’m just a guy who wants to heal,

Why can’t it be with you ?,

Our conversation is therapy for me,

You still manage to forget your pain,

When you notice another,

So let me forget mine

Touched Flower

Sweet flower of earth,

Mother nature cradles you,

The wind caresses you,

The sun grows you,

Time has not touched you,

For your soul is evergreen,

Oh your beauty must be a sin,

Hell is heaven when you’re inside it,

Touched Flower of the earth,

Mortal names are not fit for such,

Words are not fit to describe it,

I just want you to know,

You’re worth it,

Every bit of you,

Pain is not all you should feel,

Love and happiness you should feel,

Beautiful Touched Flower,

Earthen Goddess,

An Empath,

Know your worth,


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