Symphony~Inspired by the song love me at my worst by PinkSweats

A symphony, a lovers paradise
A sweet saying a sweet nothing
Told to you with loving intentions
Simply my lovers wish is for me to grant
Can l ? Can l be your lover
Slower and lower
Deeper and Profound
I’m sure you know
How my heart listens to you

Like a song
With my heart-beat
In the background
And your voice in my head
Creating a beautiful symphony
It’s a possibility
No a certainty
That lm in love with you

Love me at my worst 
No I’m not perfect
Just reflect my worth
I’ll always put you first
So don’t you worry
Oh baby
Just trust me
It’s not lust
It’s not your bust
It is a factor

Let me tell you about it later
For now I’ll seduce your soul
Love your worst flaws
Treasure your few rare perfections
Pleasure you with these words
So hear my symphony
Now and forever

Published by Alex Matarirano

a poet who seeks to share his poems to the world and empath who wants to discover his spirituality

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