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Positive Vibes

I speak positive vibes
I keep myself alive
I tell myself only speak love
Won’t you vibe with me
Won’t you sit with me
Watch the sun-set
Watch the sun-rise

Connect with me
Tap into my network
Leap into my faith
Set me on fire with your passion
You belong right here with me
No fear will make me shy away
Won’t lie my way out
Bind me to your soul

Mix with me
Create a new
Create a few
Memories with me
Feel me baby
Lady say you mine
Climb the Peak
Set the tone
You know my body
Feels getting thrown
Say say say
You know me
You get me
Let me make to love your body
You soul and your mind
Getting the grind on
Remind me of you
When l work to get the perk
Of having you in my life


Published by Alex Matarirano

a poet who seeks to share his poems to the world and empath who wants to discover his spirituality

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