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He’s Strong

Waking up daily

Carrying the man up card faithfully

Society not forgetful

Reminds him of his shame

Being a man in this modern world

Toiling away for his future

Yet told he never faces challenges

Society calls him trash daily

He stays silent because his man up card

Faithfully reminds him

That he has no emotions

Emotion to him is weakness

He’s ego is bruised though

Doors are closed in his path

Where to turn

Where to go

His lover busy away “not needing a man”

Devalued he feels

Emotion he does not

My brother

You are strong

Show your emotions

Feel away and heal


Truly men find it hard to show emotions, l know this because l grew up being told a man should not cry. A man should not be sad or depressed. He is always supposed to be strong. That’s a daunting challenge, considering the attacks against men as a collective. The suicide rates keeping getting higher. Men are strong but they are also human. I’m A Man And I Feel.


Published by Alex Matarirano

a poet who seeks to share his poems to the world and empath who wants to discover his spirituality

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