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Heaven, Earth, Man

When the demons come out,

When the angels are busy judging,

When the Gods are sitting watching,

The humans are suffering,

The children need guidance,

The parents busy labouring the earth,

Kings are falling and nations are losing,

Queens waking up too late,

All this clickbait,

All this clout chasing,

All these different and special,

Why do you feel the need for approval,

The attention seeking,

The greed to influence for backing,

Those tackling your cause are all clouded,

To not see you all are the same,

The classes,

The statuses,

The wealth,

Your grave can’t swallow them,

Your tombstone won’t remember them,

Only your name,

Your birth,

And the day you died,

So please wake up,


Published by Alex Matarirano

a poet who seeks to share his poems to the world and empath who wants to discover his spirituality

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